The Celtic Connection

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Gatineau Valley

Martindale Pioneer Cemetery

‘We are at one with past, present and future’


VANCOUVER – Nestled in the rolling hills of the Gatineau Valley in western Quebec, the little township of Low remains an enclave of Irish history entwined with French culture – forming a unique bond.

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List of people buried at Martindale Pioneer Cemetery

Martindale, Quebec (Low)

“May the light of heaven shine on the souls of the Gaels who left Ireland in the years of the Great Famine to find eternal rest in this soil. They will be remembered as long as love and music last.”
— Inscription on Memorial at Martindale Pioneer Cemetery

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1983 Interview with Catholine Butler

This is a 1983 interview by Sally Bishop of Skyline Cable in Calgary, Alberta with Elaine Gannon McCay (Catholine Butler). They are discussing the September 19, 1982 dedication of the Celtic cross located in the pioneer graveyard in Martindale Parish near Low, Quebec.

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Visit to the Martindale Pioneer Cemetery

By DECLAN KELLY Irish Ambassador to Canada

OTTAWA – Since returning to Canada as Ambassador in 2006 (I served as number two in the Embassy between 1985-90), I have been involved in several important events marking the arrival in Canada of Irish men, women and children fleeing the horrors of the Great Famine.

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The Martindale Pioneer Cemetery

In a small rural community in Martindale, Quebec, a magnificent limestone Celtic cross stands guard over a burial ground where a number of survivors of Ireland’s Great Famine found a peaceful final resting place.

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