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A Fond Farewell to the Burke Family

THE BURKE FAMILY - Joe, Christine, Jude, Frankie and Stephen - all packed and ready to leave Vancouver for La Belle Province.


VANCOUVER - In a whirl of activity during the month of July, the popular Burke family - Joe and Christine, along with their three sons Jude, Frankie and Stephen - picked up stakes in Vancouver and headed east to their new home in Buckingham, Quebec.

Joe, who was born and raised in Dublin, and Christine, who is originally from Arnprior, Ontario, have been active members of the local community. They were valued members of the Irish Sporting and Social Club where they both played Gaelic football and soccer.

Christine and Joe have worked together for many years at graphic art and design and their sign business. Christine also continues to provide graphic design services for The Celtic Connection.

Although sorry to leave behind so many friends, the Burkes were excited about their move and their new adventures. We will all miss the family but they are only an e-mail away. Buckingham's gain is Vancouver's loss and we send every good wish for many happy times in their new home and work.

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